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We are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce our company “AMAN CONTRACTING TRADING AND MAINTENANCE CO. LTD.”, established since 35 years, as one of the Kingdom’s leaders in the field of Safety and Security products (such as Indoor & Outdoor Warning Sirens System, Biometric Identification System,… Please refer to our catalogue for more product details). AMANCO is specialized in technical consultancy and system designing which contributed for its rapid strides of success in Saudi Market. Today AMANCO dominates the Kingdom’s Safety and security market supplying a great percentage of various safety and security products to large and complex private firms, governments institutions.

Dedication and conformance to the requirements of the customers are the nerve and mission of Activities offered by AMANCO. Its overwhelming services which include design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of various safety and security projects… Radically developed, boosts the AMANCO’s competitiveness and earns it a higher position among the other competitors, and preferred as a pioneered in the field of Safety & Security systems, and enables AMANCO to easily achieve its goals and objectives, and to serve efficiently and effectively.

This fact constitutes the cornerstone of AMANCO’s strategic plan for the development of its activities with the latest technological capabilities and offer state-of-the-art Safety & Security products to encounter the current and future challenges of the Safety & Security Industry. And provision for its technical staff to attain local and international seminars and latest training courses to keep them abreast of the advancements in the safety and security industry. AMANCO’s Research & Development team, play a key role in the success of the company and positioned it at the fore front of the Gulf Market, by its innovative ideas and incorporating them with our products and services for more advanced features and provide solutions for each client’s total safety and security needs.

In addition, these efforts enhance AMANCO to achieve sole distributorship of world various top leading manufacturer in the safety and security industry.

In order to make the cost effectively, we have established our own factory (Aman Factory for Alarm Equipment Company Limited), under license from Federal Signal Corporation to manufacture Community Warning equipment and Emergency Warning equipment, with effect from the 22nd day of Shaoban 1412 Hijri. As well for the preparation of ambulances, winches, etc., and armoring various types of vehicles, and special vehicles to government security departments.

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AMAN CONTRACTING & MAINTATANANCE CO LTD. is a leading engineering, procurement and construction services provider in the Safety and Plant communication Sector in KSA.

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