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This type of ambulance is easily maintained, providing you with extra protection in the chassis with a pass through window, crawl thru or walk thru designs.

If you prefer GMC or Chevrolet gasoline and diesel chassis are available. General Motors "Duramax Diesel provides you a minimum of 300 horsepower plus with the proven extra heavy duty Allison automatic transmission you can't go wrong. Upgrades to all models include LED lights, high capacity air conditioners/heaters, and 110 volt generator power plants with converters, 12 volt electrical load managers, upgraded shock absorbers and special air suspension systems with dump valves for easy stretcher loading. Reduced maintenance, extra protection in chassis, pass through window or walk through designs available in GMC and Chevrolet and Freightliner chassis. A heavy duty air suspension with dump valve is provided for all medium duty ambulances’ to provide easy patient loading and unloading. Upgrades available include 12 volt electrical load managers, 110 volt generator power plants with converters, and special body layouts for neonatal, command post and communication units.

The addition of a Nissan 4x4 to your fleet will enable you to benefit from a fully equipped, emergency 4x4 ambulance with the ability to cope with adverse weather conditions and any emergency that may be thrown in its direction.

The Nissan 4x4 is one of the first of its kind to carry the Standard Red Color. Red Color is being introduced in the Kingdom to make all emergency vehicles instantly recognizable. It is a fully equipped 4x4 ambulance with the capacity to carry stretchers and thanks to the high roof, it gives the crews an enhanced working area.

Carrying the same equipment as a frontline ambulance, is fully equipped with satellite navigation, which linked directly to the radio communication and data keypad ensures directions are available to the crew as soon as emergency calls are taken, saving precious seconds.

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