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Hvac & Accessories Division

AMANCO was established in the year 1989 with vision of providing quality HVAC products at competitive prices to the customers. We supply a wide range of air-conditioning, refrigeration, mechanical, safety and security products.
AMANCO is stocking and selling reputed quality products like AMANCO pipe supports, vibration isolators, flexible connectors, piping and ducting accessories, AFICO fiberglass insulation, SAUDI ROCKWOOL insulation products, SAPTEX insulation products, ARIFLEX rubber foam insulation, copper coil and fittings, DELMON duct sealant, adhesive and coatings, CLIM / Aeroduct accessories, ABRO aluminium tapes, RH profiles aluminium jacketing, WINTERS pressure gauges and thermometers, Flexitub flexible hoses, WATTS water technology, amanco stainless steel and brass floor drain, identification labels, tags and magnetic warning tapes etc.
AMANCO has a team of well experienced technical and sales staff who are capable of providing required technical guidance and economic solutions without compromising the quality, but always bearing in mind the extremely competitive market conditions.
As a result, AMANCO is synonymous for quality and on time services and the resultant all round customer satisfaction.

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AMAN CONTRACTING & MAINTATANANCE CO LTD. is a leading engineering, procurement and construction services provider in the Safety and Plant communication Sector in KSA.

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